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From 2017-04-03 12:30:00 | To 2017-04-03 15:30:00

Southern Avenue near Menoka Cinema Nall , Kolkata-700026 , West Bengal , India

You can use soap making as a creative medium. It is a way for you to express your own personal styles and preferences into each wonder batch of soap you make. A piece of you is in each bar of soap you create. From the most simplified to the most exquisite, each bar of soap is beautiful Learn how to make your own soap in our self-paced hands on workshop . 
If you've always wanted to try different soap-making recipes, create your own signature items for personal use, for gifts or for profit, or just learn about what goes into making a soap, this workshop is just for you!
 With or without any experience you will learn -
 ♻the foundations of soap making 
♻ basic melt and pour techniques 
♻ how to create your own recipes (using a simple set formula) 
♻ how to create signature soaps 
♻ basic aromatherapy special soaps 
 ♻what to do when your recipes need a little fine tuning "Handmade" things are springing up everywhere -- in stores, boutiques, as take out food and in health care items. 
People are returning to the retro feeling of "home made" from home decor to high end, custom embellished clothing to homey foods. Soap can be a big part of this retro trend. Take advantage of this marketing trend and profit from your tiny investment in this workshop The exotic varieties of soaps you will learn - 
 1.Oatmeal scrub soap 
 2. Natural chocolate soap 
 3.Fennel seed soap 
 4. Aloe vera soap 
 5. Cupcake soap
 6. Double colour pinwheel soap 
 7. Unique scrubber soap 
 Design & gift wrapping of your exotic soaps will also be taught!! Learn a new creative 'art'! Try Soap Making today!
 💭Hands on workshop 
 💭 100% egg-less & vegetarian workshop 
 💭Post workshop assistance provided 
 💭Raw materials provided 
 💭Refreshments provided 
 💭Take away all soaps you make
1) Please be at the venue 15 minutes prior to the workshop scheduled time. 
2) For any queries please call 9836612019 or email us at
Total Seats : 5 Seats Available
Price : 3100 Rupees per Seat
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Workshop ID : ws1201063650

Workshop Created By Mallika Juthani

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